Restaurant Management Software

Here are some features of Restaurant management software which can improve the Business and Increase the Market Presence of the Restaurant:

10 Sales Tracking:

Sales Tracking Software

Many Established Restaurants go through a large amount of Cash as well as Netbanking and Debit/Credit Cards every day. Tracking each and every sales report of every order is a painstaking job. With the use of Restaurant Management Software. Restaurants can easily calculate various sales report to find out the daily revenue and track peak business hours.

Purchasing and Inventory:

Purchasing And Inventory Software

There are many restaurants earn lower than their profit margin due to loss because of the Unplanned purchasing of the Stock or Unnecessarily costly purchases. With the Use of Restaurant Management Software, your restaurant will definitely get a heavy benefit. It can Organize and Control all the Inventory. This Software also Control the Unnecessary Purchases and Store all the Records of the Inventory.

Order Management:

Order Management Software

Those days are gone now which takes time in the manual processing of Customer Orders. The completely justified invasion among foodies today is automated order management software, a centralized system that connects the kitchen with the restaurant front, making customizations of order and handling different billing methods much more comfortable for the Restaurant Management as well as for the Customers.

Staff Management:  

Staff Management

Now Staff management can be a slow ongoing process for large or growing restaurants and hotels. Restaurant Management software is the most effective way to reduce that burden.

You can make an individual Profile for every employee which includes personal details of the employee, sales hours, terms of employment and many more features. This makes it easier for managers to control workforce productivity and process payments.

Marketing Features:

Marketing Features

The most cost-effective way to expand the number of new and returning customers in a restaurant is through marketing. With the use of Restaurant management software, you can conveniently organize marketing tricks such as loyalty programs, gift cards, and combo offers to your restaurant. While some of these slightly reduce the profit margin, they do more than compensate by creating new customers and returning ones in addition to serving as tactical upselling methods. In this competitive industry, these features will drive your restaurant numerous steps ahead of those who lack that vision.

User-Friendly User Management:

User Friendly User Management

Your order management software should be easy for users and management to use.  Your restaurant staff should be able to transfer tickets quickly, split checks, change tables, change item quantities, change item prices, repeat drinks or menu items, manage tables, keep track of reservations, and adjust gratuity or taxes.

Accept Gift Cards and Increase Income:

Accept Gift Card

Why accept restaurant gift cards?  You might not think accepting gift cards is an important feature, but you’d be wrong.  Some restaurant owners and managers never fully realize the potential to increase sales and to generate repeat business by offering gift cards.  Here are a few advantages.

Did you know when a customer has a gift card, they will typically visit more than one time to use the card balance?  The more a customer visit equals more upselling opportunities.

Give your loyal customers gift cards that are pre-paid instead of a coupon because two-thirds of customers will spend over 35% more than a gift’s cards balance.  And let’s be honest, gift cards are way more convenient and more cost effective than running a coupon promotion or marketing campaign.

And probably the biggest advantage is improving your cash flow by generating revenue before sales.  Some gift cards don’t ever get redeemed and that’s good and bad. You want the gift card holder to visit your business, but if they don’t, that’s money in your pocket. However, having the money upfront keeps you in the black until the card is redeemed.

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Heavenly Technical Support:

Technical Support

No matter what system you end up choosing, to protect your investment and sanity, be sure to ONLY work with a company that offers 24/7 support.

You might want to work with a local company near you, and that’s great, but determine the support expectations BEFORE you purchase any POS software or hardware.  Most of the major players offer 24/7 support with a paid subscription, so just be sure to ask.

A tip learned from someone in the industry is to call the tech support line first before buying the product you’re considering.  You’ll get a good feeling of the level of responsiveness and expertise by having a quick conversation. If it takes 30 minutes to get someone on the support line and if they’re rude, you might want to consider another provider.

Simple Menu Setup:

Menu Setup

The menu on a restaurant management system should be easy to configure and setup.  Sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s an essential consideration.  There are so many systems on the market that can make your life very difficult when all you want to do is make simple menu updates or pricing changes.

Especially with the big brand name POS companies where you may be required to contact support to make a menu change or be a programming genius to figure it out yourself. Sometimes the terminals or the server has to be rebooted to make a minor menu change. You don’t need that headache.

Before you decide on your software, ask your POS provider to show you how easy it is to make adjustments to the menu programming.  If it takes more than 2 minutes to adjust a menu item or make a special price change, you might want to consider looking at other options.

Comprehensive Reporting and Customer Data:

Customer Data

Tracking your standard sales data is great for beginners, but real restaurant professionals need and want comprehensive reporting data.  Restaurant owners need to be able to filter their sales and customer data to help grow their business. For instance, you may want to filter sales by brand, product type, season, time of year or other trends your business has not yet identified.

Having the ability to filter your reporting data is massively important, and not all systems have this ability.

Power in data and numbers allows owners to gain more control over the productivity of staff, food costs, as well as picking the perfect time for marketing promotions or offering discounts.  Additionally, it’s vital to understand if specific products aren’t selling well, so you have the knowledge to discontinue or phase them out.

Included in your reporting should be data retrieved from your customer database. If you can identify who your most loyal customers are, the products they buy the most, and their purchasing frequency, this can assist when considering loyalty programs or offering product specials.

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