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Jaipur, the most visited city of Rajasthan and the centre of attraction among tourist. Jaipur is the place of historic wonders like Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh, City Palace, etc. Being the most happening city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is big on tourism and a shopping destination. Apart from it, it is a delight for food lovers too. The food in Jaipur offers a variety, cultural experience. The Rajasthani food here is usually spicy, tangy, sweet, ghee-dripped and difficult to resist. Here’s a list of the Rajasthani food eateries which you must try.

10 Best Jaipur Famous Food You Should Try

10 Dal Bati Churma:

jaipur famous foodIt is the most favourite dish of Rajasthani people. Your visit to Rajasthan is incomplete if you have not tried the delicious Dal Batti Churma. The fusion of these three makes the food complete in itself. The Bati is a ball of wheat dough baked in the oven or in jagra, fully dipped in ghee which is then consumed with Dal.

Churma is a flaky sweet dish taken with dal and bati made up of wheat flour, ghee and loads of nuts. It is on top on our list of top 10 Rajasthani foods and always loved by tourists

Gatte ki Sabzi:  

famous food in jaipurCooked in yogurt curry, the authentic taste of Gatte ki Sabzi adds an accomplishment in Rajasthani dishes. The special dish of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Gatte ki sabzi will surely fascinate your taste buds when consumed with parathas or puri or will add flavor when taken with Batti indeed a divine combination. The sabzi is spicy along with flavorsome ingredients like turmeric, red chili powder, cumin, methi, and other aromatic spices. Experience the taste of real Rajasthani cuisine.

Ker Sangri:

jaipur best foodOne of the most popular dishes when we talk about Rajasthani food. It is a desert grown vegetable tree whose leaves is used as a dish. It is cooked with a variety of masalas to make this traditional Rajasthani dish and can be used as a Pickle. It’s quite spicy, including ker, Sangri, and Kamalkakdi making a combo a staple Marwai dish.

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famous food of jaipurTrip to Rajasthan, Jaipur is not complete if you have not tasted Ghewar. Ghewar is one of the sweet tempting Rajasthani dishes, of Jaipur which is traditionally prepared on the occasion of Teej. It is disc-shaped, and porous, made from oil, flour dipped in sugar syrup. It comes in variety i.e plain without sugar syrup, Mawa and Malai Ghewar. It is in the 7 position on our list of Top 10 Rajasthani foods.

Aam Ki Launji:

jaipur traditional foodIt is an instant pickle made up of raw mangoes, spices, and sugarThe best dish in summer which you could eat to beat the heat. With the mixture of spices, it gives a palatable aroma and the chilly added in it gives a spicy taste blended with sweetness, tangy raw mangoes a best Rajasthani dish. Mango chunks are added in it giving a perfect pleasure to your taste.

Mawa- Kachori:

famous jaipur foodMawa-Kachori is an unbeatable and flavorsome sweet dish. Stuffed with mawa and nuts, coated with crispy kachori and dipped in sugary syrup with saffron over it. You can make a fresh start of your day with this kachori. You can find it in every sweet corner but Rawat’s is a famous one.

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Badam ka Halwa:

food rajasthan jaipurIt is delectable sweet dish prepared by wheat flour, caramelized in ghee with overloaded dry fruits. With perfect sweetness and texture it will give you a heavenly feeling when you savor it, I swear without tasting it you can’t resist.


jaipur famous foodIt is an exotic one. It has its own taste and flavor which you cannot find anywhere in India. It is made up condensed milk boiled for a long time on low flame blended with saffron, dry fruits, sugar, and cardamom. You can also try Lachha rabri, a sweetend milk having layers of malai or cream adding flavor to your taste buds.


famous food in jaipurSpecially made on the traditional festival of Holi, it is a kind of sweet dish made up of the dough of Refined flour and semolina, stuffed with khoya, coconut powder, and grated dry fruits and then deep fried in ghee. It is then dipped in sugar syrup to add flavor in it.


jaipur best foodConsidered best for digestion and a healthy sweet dish specially made in the winter season. Gajak is a “Til “based staple dry sweet dish. It’s “til” cooked in sugar syrup and set in slight layers. It is so soft that it melts in the mouth giving you a taste that will take to the cloud 9.

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