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Well, there is not a single man who doesn’t want to look impressive and good in front of women. But the taste of each woman is different from one another. Some women are attracted to hot boys with muscular body while some are attracted towards the one who makes them laugh. And you must be familiar with “First impression is the last impression”. So you must make sure that your first impression is perfect.

  • Face
  • Silhouette
  • Style Details
  • Hands
  • Voice & Language
  • Smile
  • Wardrobe
  • Greetings and Manners
  • Smell
  • Body Movements

In case you are not aware, we have mentioned above the list of the first 10 things women notice in men. Well to make it easier for you, we have also explained each point in detail.


what is the first thing a woman notices about a manNo discussions here. In case that you keep your face in its best structure – it implies you’re taking incredible consideration of yourself. Do you need a very attractive face? Not a chance! Not we all are brought into the world with a Hollywood famous actor sort of face. In case that ladies just needed that, there’s be a colossal excess of single men on this planet! What you truly need are acceptable grooming habits. You need to show the women your well-managed facial hair (regardless of whether it’s a short stubble or totally mature whiskers). Or on the other hand, possibly you incline toward a clean-shaven look – yet you should ensure there are no post-shave knocks or red imprints visible on your face. And afterward, there’s simply the skin. A portion of the “masculine” folks out there still decide not to pay attention to skincare. They sit tight for a problem or face a health issue that expects them to look for treatment. However, all it’s men’s duty to locate the correct moisturizer, chemical or hostile to maturing cream to keep his skin clear and shiny the whole day. There are endless alternatives out there, however, I have discovered that VITAMAN’s Premium Men’s Body, Face, and Skincare Starter Kit has all that you need at a stunning cost. They even have little packs that attention to various regions of your body and face.


Here the term Silhouette means the blueprint of your body PLUS your attire. Also, ladies are especially attracted to a manly Silhouette– with a developed chest, a lean middle, and solid shoulders.

That involves wearing the correct cut of a suit coat. Yet, remember to keep away from outrageous shapes or fits with regards to pants. Disapprove of thin pants – they don’t show an alluring Silhouette. Trade them for thin fit or straight-leg types.

Style Details

how to impress womenSure. You may at first intrigue with a well-fitted coat and slacks. In any case, if those are the main components you chip away at – you won’t get far. Any man can move his approach to discover great shirts, coats, and jeans. In any case, the women realize that not all folks really focus on everything else.

To truly stick out and “stunning” a lady, you need to look out for the following things:

• Hairdo – think about the most appealing men’s haircuts

• Eyewear – locate the ideal shades or eyeglasses for your face shape

• Watches/Jewelry – look for dress watches before getting one

• Shoes – figure out how to tell quality assured shoes and “cheap quality” shoes separated

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What great is a handshake if your hands appear as though you’ve been burrowing through trash? Continuously be careful about washing your hands. Something else – you can appear to be “not educated” or “not raised correctly” (making your folks look terrible). In any case, we should not disregard dry hands with split skin! It’s another significant mood killer brought about by an absence of common oil (which keeps the skin of your hands graceful). So apply a decent measure of hand oil or cream occasionally. Furthermore, something else. Try not to hold your clenched hand before a lady (as though you’re going to punch somebody)! You’re likely more grounded than her – so just causes you to show up all intimidating.

Voice & Language

That’s right. Ladies care about what they will be hearing from you. However, this time – you don’t utilize items to manage your voice and language. It’s about self-advancement. Extending your insight and vocabulary. Separating yourself from folks who consistently talk as though they’re at a football match-up. So what do you do? To begin with, abstain from swearing before a lady you just met. Just do it to stretch something positive like “F—ing wonderful!”

The next stage is to read good and acceptable books. Discover books that dive deep into advancing subjects (not simply engage you) – and help you develop personally. You’re meaning to show ladies you’re relatable, that you can convey with no extraordinary “barriers.” So you emphasize, the tone of your voice, and whether you state “no” or “no way” to dismiss an offer – each one of those components becomes an integral factor.

Lastly, get familiar with the methods for turning into an additionally captivating speaker. Utilize your voice such that catches anybody’s eye and makes them anxious to tune in. Who knows? With somewhat more beat and utilization of your stomach – your voice may wind up “advancing” into something like Neil de Grasse Tyson’s. Furthermore, that will interest a couple of ladies!


A spellbinding smile is a significant resource. It resembles a “welcome” sign that you’re waving from far off in a lady’s heading. Join that smile with an appropriate eye-to-eye connection and a sure stance – and you’re as of now on a roll with regards to inspiring her. However, hang on. Your smile can likewise be a deterrent IF the teeth are recognizably dirty. Or on the other hand more regrettable… stained! That is the reason you have to keep an eye out for:

• Stains from drinking heaps of espresso, tea, or wine (see your dental specialist each 3-4 months)
• Stains from smoking (as though there aren’t sufficient motivations to stop smoking nowadays!)
• A lot of fluoride from certain toothpaste brands or natural sources (for example water) – this can hurt and obscure your teeth
• Teeth as you age – the external layer of veneer wears out after some time and starts uncovering the characteristic yellow shade (of the internal layer of dentin). You might need to consider a few teeth-brightening items at home when you’re more seasoned.


4 things guys notice about your bodyRegardless of what you wear, ladies will pull out a type of judgment or supposition from it. So don’t underestimate the importance of nailing the 3 core segments of dressing great, i.e. Fit, Fabric, and Function.

You should likewise put forth an attempt to select garments that send POSITIVE messages – best describing your status, your way of life, and your character. Ladies looking for a drawn-out accomplice are pulled in to men who can be acceptable suppliers – so dressing more “develop” encourages in case you’re hoping to settle down.

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Greetings and Manners

Imagine yourself as a hopeful on The Bachelorette. You venture out of the limo on Day 1 with all the folks. Your unhitched female is holding up by the house entryway. You’re all on an in any event, battleground appearance-wise, so would you be able to never really out immediately?

Precisely – nail the welcome. That establishes the pace for everything else that follows. Offer a strong handshake, visually connect, smile and give your complete consideration. You need her to accept you’re putting resources into pursuing her (not only there for TV introduction). Those couple of moments of recognizing her essence can mean the contrast between staying or being sent home first.

Presently risks are you’re not going to be on that show. In any case, it’s a similar standard, in actuality: on the off chance that you don’t welcome a lady appropriately unexpectedly, you’ve just burrowed yourself a gap. Disregard how individuals will in general gaze at their telephones or get occupied without any problem. Terrible habits are rarely worthy. In the event that you show a dismissal for others’ emotions or essential politeness, ladies will rapidly get on it and believe you’re a liability.


You can nail each other classification on this rundown – however, it’ll all be invalidated if ladies don’t care for how you smell. That is not a major issue for the greater part of us. Everything necessary is a strong and nice deodorant to keep our smell “unbiased”… however, why not go above and beyond and smell GREAT?
Studies demonstrate that ladies rate a male’s fragrance as the #1 factor when finding an expected accomplice (men are more visual by correlation). So set aside the effort to find great colognes for men that the women love. Yet, you’ll additionally need to do some experimentation and read the audits. A few aromas can bother individuals or cause hypersensitivities so be cautious with your decision – just as how you put it on.

Body Movements

Eventually, activities express stronger than words. So fun as it may be to talk engagingly – hold your non-verbal correspondence under wraps. It goes past the most pleasant garments or the largest grin you can give.
Maintain a strategic distance from any signals that can find a pretty woman napping (since she’s actually becoming more acquainted with you). Watch out for the subtlest finger tap or tiling of the neck. Remind yourself from time to time to keep your arms unfurled. It’s about smooth and “open” non-verbal communication constantly.
What do you think about this? From above mentioned, which is most important according to you. Let us know in the comment section.

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