things that annoy horse riders

Everyone has some things that bug or irritate them, but some serious things surely annoy the daily livings of horse riders. Whether these are other people’s unwanted opinions on their horse or how they ride, or the kids roaming in the warm-up area before the show. This list can go on for days.

We have created a list of the top 10 things that annoys horse riders.

  1. The Gas Lever

  2. The “OH LOOK A HORSE” Crowd

  3. The Unpredictable Nature of Horse Logic

  4. Horse Moms

  5. Bicycles on Bridleways

  6. The Kids in the Warm-Up Arena

  7. Mud

  8. Getting the Right Action

  9. Bugs

  10. The Stubborn Horse Nugget

If you are not a horse rider, then you must avoid these things, if you don’t want to annoy a horse rider.things annoy horse owners

The Gas Lever

It is a fact that if you pick up the back feet of a horse, the horse will fart. In technical words, it is like lifting a lever for these guys that releases gas. It may be gross, but it is quietly bearable. And if you are not careful while picking up the lever, the same horse will kick you on your head.


Yeah, everyone knows that horses are awesome. Running towards my horse while hooting at it and arms falling is not acceptable. Additionally, feeding food to my horse and pretending and acting like a horse behind my back. All this is NOT ok.

The Unpredictable Nature of Horse Logic

The bicycle, the bush, the deer, the fence a white dot, and the bag, all these things at some moments are threatening. A plastic bag that is flowing regularly with wind is not a problem, but a stone that hasn’t moved an inch from its place in centuries is one of the biggest problems.

Horse Moms

They have zero knowledge of horses. Even though they are riding on one of the safest and most gentle horses in the world, they put on so much heavy gear on that poor kid that the horse can’t even move.

Whenever the horses have a mini panic attack, they shake their heads. And you must stay chill and realize that your horse is much stronger than you think.

Bicycles on Bridleways

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a walk along a bridleway with your cycle or you abandon your bike right there. It can create havoc for horse riders. Since some bike riders may slow down whenever they are a horse rider passing by, there are still some riders who whizz past without any care for the horse.

The Kids in the Warm-Up Arena

Apart from kids, there are some adults also who are not ashamed of running in the warm-up area. They do not have any respect for the term personal space and they keep running over, making a mess, and upsetting your horse. Then they dare about complaining when their horse does not perform well in the actual class.

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horses in mudThe horse riding experience is fun, but the mud thing on your face is not fun. Moreover, your horse covered with dry mud is not fun either. Mud on the body of your horse, that you just washed for a show is also an exhausting thing.

Getting the Right Action

You have already struggled for hours while trying to get a perfect bent or a canter on the correct leg and you untack, defeated. The horse bends to scratch the itchy spot under the saddle. You let them into the paddock – flying changes all over the place. The spiteful ass.


things that annoys horse ownersDuring the ride, all the flies that got stuck up your nose or in your teeth, and you swallowed, are super annoying. Not to forget, the itchy mites that got stuck on to the body of your horse, irritating them and making them go nuts, is worst.

The Stubborn Horse Nugget

One of the never-ending daily jobs that the owners can’t escape is mucking out horses. It is a hard task, but it can also be relaxing as it’s the time when the horse owners get time to think about crucial decisions of life.

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