Top 10 Non Chinese Mobile Brands in India

India is recognized as the largest mobile market in the world with a population of approximately 135.26 crores. Also considered as a popular destination for technology, electronics, and smartphone company.

Top 10 Non Chinese Mobile Brands in India

• Pixel by Google
• iPhone by Apple
• Nokia
• Samsung
• LG
• Sony
• Panasonic
• Blackberry
• Asus

1. Pixel

Pixel Mobile

Pixel by Google is one of the best Android OS smartphones with unlimited cloud storage, unlockable bootloader, camera, and IP68 dust and water resistance protection. This smartphone is considered as top non-Chinese Android smartphone in the market. Along with Pixel Slate Pixel C, Pixelbook, and Chromebook laptop series, Pixel 4 is the latest Android smartphone from Google. Moreover, Pixel Stand, Pixelbook, and Pixel wireless earbuds are some other products from Google pixel.

Here is a list of Google phones that you can buy under 15k.
• Google Nexus 5
• Google Pixel (32 GB)

2. iPhone by Apple

Apple iPhone 5s

Along with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, iPhone Incisone of the most famous and popular American technology companies as well as the top 5 best Big Tech companies in the world.

iPhones are considered as top best-selling smartphones in the world. They operate under the iOS platform which is owned by Apple. iPhone SE 2 HD latest iPhone launched in the market.

Here is a list of iPhones that you can buy under 15k.
• Apple iPhone 5s
• Apple iPhone 5c 8GB
• Apple iPhone 4s 8GB

3. Nokia

Nokia 8.1

A few years ago, the Nokia smartphone brand has faced a lot of loss in the market. But with the launch of some of its latest smartphones in the market the company has made it’s brand one of the best-selling smartphones in the market.

The headquarters of Nokia is located in Espoo and the brand is considered as a trendsetter or Market changer in the mobile industry. Nokia smartphones are a major contributor in the industry of smartphones.

Here is a list of Nokia phones that you can buy under 15k.
• Nokia 8.1
• Nokia 6.2
• Nokia 7.1
• Nokia 5.1 Plus 64 GB
• Nokia 5.1 Plus 6GB RAM
• Nokia 6.1 (Nokia 6 2018) 64 GB

4. Samsung

Galaxy M30s

The South Korean company, Samsung has its own unique presence in the market of smartphones. Nowadays Samsung has millions of users across the globe.

The company is best recognized for chip-making, electronics, heavy industries, and IT. Apart from smartphones, Samsung also manufactures other electronic appliances like televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, and many more. Being the largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones, Samsung has already started manufacturing 5G capable smartphones.

Here is a list of Samsung phones that you can buy under 15k.
• Galaxy M21
• Galaxy M30s
• Galaxy M21 128 GB
• Galaxy A50
• Galaxy A20
• Galaxy M20 64 GB
• Galaxy M20
• Galaxy M11 64 GB
• Galaxy M11

5. LG

LG Stylo 4

Another famous South Korean company, LG Electronics is a famous brand in the market with its presence in four various sectors, i.e. home appliances, electronics, entertainment, and mobile phones. The brand is known for the manufacturing of curved smartphones with the latest technologies and software air in the market. The brand also manufactures the G series of tablets and smartwatches.

Here is a list of LG phones that you can buy under 15k.
• LG Stylo 4
• LG W30 Pro
• LG K10 2017
• LG W30 Plus
• LG Q60
• LG K40
• LG K61
• LG Q6
• LG X Power
• LG Neon Plus

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6. Sony

Sony Xperia

The Japanese smartphone brand Sony is famous for its camera quality. The smartphones are manufactured under the tag Xperia are best-known for their high graphics and sharp camera quality. Apart from manufacturing smartphones, Sony is also recognized for the production of video games, television, entertainment, and many more. The brand is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation.

Here is a list of Sony phones that you can buy under 15k.
• Sony Xperia R1 Plus
• Sony Xperia XA Dual
• Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
• Sony Xperia E3 Dual
• Sony Xperia M2 Dual
• Sony Xperiamiro
• Sony Xperia M Dual
• Sony Xperia M

7. Panasonic


Along with Sony, Hitachi, Pioneer, and canon, Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese company e which is considered as one of the largest electronic producers in Japan. The Eluga smartphone series from Panasonic is the latest smartphone franchise which has increased the presence of this brand in the industry of smartphone development.

Here is a list of Panasonic phones that you can buy under 15k.
• Panasonic Eluga Ray 810
• Panasonic ElugaRay Max 64 GB
• Panasonic ElugaRay 500
• Panasonic ElugaA3 Pro
• Panasonic ElugaA3
• Panasonic ElugaI9
• Panasonic ElugaTurbo
• Panasonic ElugaI3 Mega
• Panasonic ElugaI2 2GB RAM
• Panasonic ElugaRay Max

8. Blackberry

Blackberry Evolve

With their headquarters in Canada, BlackBerry smartphones are marketed and manufactured by Research in Motion, which is now known as BlackBerry limited. The company holds a partnership TCL communication for the production and manufacturing of smartphones under the BlackBerry limited tag.

Here is a list of Blackberry phones that you can buy under 15k.
• Blackberry Evolve
• Blackberry DTEK50

9. HTC


The famous Taiwanese electronics company, HTC corporation is well known for designing and manufacturing smartphones. htc desire and wildfire are the most popular smartphones launched by HTC.

Being in competition with Apple and Samsung, HTC has launched its own 5G hub, vive, and phone for cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Here is a list of HTC phones that you can buy under 15k.
• HTC One X9
• HTC One M9 Plus Prime Camera Edition
• HTC Wildfire X 128 GB
• HTC Desire 628 Dual SIM
• HTC Desire626 Dual SIM
• HTC Desire 728 Dual SIM
• HTC Desire820G Plus Dual SIM
• HTC Desire 630
• HTC Desire 636G Plus
• HTC Desire 526G Plus 8GB

10. Asus

Asus Mobile

Asus is another famous Taiwanese smartphone brand that holds a large smartphone market in India.

The company made its presence in the market after the launch of the Zenfone series of Android smartphones launched in 2019, under the name Asus 6z. The brand is also known for the manufacturing of desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, and monitors.

Here is a list of Asus phones that you can buy under 15k.
• Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 64 GB
• Asus ZenfoneMax ProM2 6 GB RAM
• Asus ZenfoneMax Pro M1 6 GB RAM
• Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL
• Asus Zenfone Selfie 32 GB
• Asus ZenfoneSelfie 16 GB
• Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL 3 GB RAM
• Asus Zenfone 3 Max
• Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
• Asus Padfone Mini PF400CG

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